About us


KALAMKAARI, an Indian Handloom Story- a brand started in 2010, with its base in

Dubai, caters to the textile connoisseurs and enthusiasts who are eager to know and

promote the rich textile crafts of India. Our store in Cochin, India, brings in the rarest of rare weaves to the region, exhibits National award-winning

Products, handcrafted jewellery, handicrafts and becomes an umbrella for brands to

bringing in their products and exhibit in the city, thereby promoting different crafts and techniques of each region.

Why Kalamkaari?

KALAMKAARI, being a Handloom Brand, running for the last 10 years, the trust and the

loyalty that we have gained remains the key factor. With a lot of market study and direct

involvement in the Handloom sector, we are the only Brand in the city who closely work

with the artisans, this enables clientele to keep watch of the sustainable weaves and products that they long for. In the past decade, we have been involved in 40+ clusters and 200+ artisans, which has been a life changing experience for both.


Kalamkaari believes to be the bridge between the artisan and the buyer in stream ling each craft, with slight design interventions, believes to bring work to the loom all year round. We believe a weaver artisan or craft maker is the ultimate designer, bringing slight design and business interventions we believe brings sustainability and promotions to different craft form. We believe in #knowyourpurchase. Each garment/ product narrates a story in itself, knowing or understanding each weave, garment or product helps treasuring the story behind and thereby owning it with pride. We envision craft to be appreciated with utmost love and sustainability being the fashion forward.

BRAND aesthetics

Kalamkaari, an Indian Handloom story, aims to bring in different hand made products and handlooms to the forefront and sustainability in everything we deal with. Slow fashion and understated elegance is our Brand aesthetics which are unique and artisanal. 


Working with different clusters and artisans at a time, we are not into bulk production. Each handmade product along with its charm comes with a lot of trial & error, depends on climatic conditions, availability of raw materials and so on. So as opposed to usual run-off the mill kind, we will not have more than 2-3 pieces of the same, color changes etc.